Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is finally here....

Finally the warmth of Fall has come, I love to be surrounded by its warmth, colors, yummy smell of pumpkin pie and spices, love to cuddle with my family in our living room and embrace the warmth of Fall, its an opportunity to cherish our loved ones as the Fall season brings that special closeness in our family.

As this season brings us close the end of the year I think of all the struggles we endured this year and thank God for not forsaking us, and bringing us through the dark season into a season of thankfulness. I thank God for revealing Himself in every dark situation me and my family endured this year. I've learned that through our dark season we see God, without this dark seasons we wouldn't be able to see God's power or feel him, therefore I thank God for the dark season I have endured this year it was not easy but through this season I could feel how close my Lord is, he is always here for me, without the pain I couldn't experience His love and comfort. His desire for us is that we be rooted in Him and that is something I desire as well.

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