Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sticking to my devotional...

Right now I am on a daily devotional, I am reading the word of God and two other books one of them is titled "The Power of a Positive Mom" and it is helping me to see my circumstance with a different perspective, and as I read this book I am able to find strength, hope and wisdom for each day I love this book because it is based on God's word and that's where I'm getting all the strength, hope and wisdom through the word of God that has been applied in this book. Amazingly I am reading all this right in the time I'm needing it, day by day, yes I am learning to go one day at a time and it helps me to keep my focus on my Lord on God the Almighty!

I like to do my devotional when my boys and hubby are sleeping and then I talk to my Lord. Well believe it or not I cannot really find a quiet time in the morning now that my boys are home all day, they stay up late and they still manage to be early risers! amazing. So my devotional is between 11pm-2am yup that's my quiet time enough to do my devotional and prayer.

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  1. Good for you! Keep spending time with the Lord... He will amaze you!